9th International Ģikši dance night

9th International Ģikši dance night

From 16 January 20:00 to 17 January 6:00 at Amata Ģikši culture center will take place 9th International Ģikši dance night.
This year in dance night will play 20 musicians groups of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus.
Last year in Dance night attended 800 dancers and musicians.
In dance night will be able to dance popular Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Polish, Belarusian, Hungarian, French and other people traditional dances and learn new ones.
This Year’s Participants:
„Putni” /Ledurga/, „Ore” /Amata County/, „Maskačkas spēlmaņi” /Riga/, „Dandari”/Riga/, Riga dance club, „Karikste” /Aizkraukle/, „Tarkšķi” /Iecava/, folklore group „Knituva” /Lithuania/, Klaipeda ethic composition center dance club /Lithuania/, Vilnius dance club , folk music ensemble “Tuustar” /Jogeva, Estonia/, harmonica ensemble „Põrguorelid” /Estonia/, folk music group „Ellerlased” folk music students from Heino Ellera music School, /Estonia/, folk music group „Sita”/Belarus/.

Dancing shoes, water and food basket are necessary. There will be a special dance tea.

Free entrance for Musicians,  entrance to dancers for donations!

If you are going from Riga with your friends by bus, you need to apply this google document: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_uYJCLuYnO0vB3VfG_npidxuP49VrH6_QBmS7P94LhU/viewform?c=0&w=1

Event is organized by:
Traditional Culture Initiative Centre „KasTe”.
The event is supported by:
State Culture Capital Foundation, Amata Regional municipality
More information:
Inese Roze
Tel .: 29199870
E-mail: tkic_kaste@inbox.lv