Recreational complex ‘Rakši’

The recreation complex “Rakši” lies only 6 km away from Cesis and 2 km from the popular mountain skiing parks “Ozolkalns” and “Zagarkalns” in a silent fringe of the forest in an ancient valley of the Gauja River. We offer different leisure possibilities for bigger and smaller groups of friends or corporative enterprises. It is possible to organize leisure, sports and entertainment activities in a territory as wide as 7 km for groups as large as several hundreds people at a time.


The recreation complex “Rakši” is situated in the territory of the Gauja National Park. This park is famous for its incredibly beautiful landscapes and many sightseeing objects. Since we are close to the Gauja River for the water tourists our complex with its boat and raft berth is an ideal place to start or to finish their route.

For your overnight stay and recreation in “Rakši” we offer two comfortable log guesthouses providing all that is necessary for a great relaxation – you are welcome to have a steam bath in a real firewood heated bathhouse with natural birch-twigs, comfortable beds, a kitchen zone with all amenities, karaoke and other practical things for you to feel like at home. For special gourmets there is a possibility to prepare on a grill a self-caught trout or sturgeon.

Nature and animal admirers have an opportunity to meet Reynard the Fox or Mr. Beaver living in the nearby forest as well as the local inmates of “Rakši” – the friendly South American llamas, alpacas and guanaco. Besides, this is the only place in Latvia where you are offered the possibility not only to see these animals, but also go llama tracking, for example, along the picturesque Gauja River bank, even more – you can entrust your picnic baskets to your loyal companion llama to carry.

ZOO working hours: 10.00-17.00


  • pre-schoolers – free
  • students and pensioners EUR 2,50
  • adults EUR 3,00
  • people with reduced mobility – free
  • leaders of tourist and student groups – free


  • a walk with one llama EUR 7,50 /half an hour
  • family walk with 2 llamas EUR 15,00 /half an hour
  • walk with 5 llamas EUR 35,00 /1 hour
  • people with reduced mobility – free
  • ride with a camel + a certificate EUR 7,50

We can plan and organize your sports activities – traditional sports games and competitions as well as different unconventional buffooneries for big ones and small ones. Would you like to have theme sports games and competition? No problem! We will organize your activities in any weather conditions, because there is no bad weather if you have dressed up properly!

We will organize everything from A to Z:

  • prepare evaluation charts,
  • conduct the opening ceremony,
  • Conduct the closing ceremony with giving certificates and awards.

Drabeshy rural territory, Amata municipality, 57.2758, 25.1933

+371 20009098; +371 20009097